Dave Lepacik

Home inspector Brian Coumont

Home Inspector Dave Lepacik is one of those rare ‘born-to-be-a-home-inspector’ people. For as far back as he can remember he has been performing home inspections without even realizing it. He found himself constantly scrutinizing every corner of every structure he encountered. Not only was he finding deficiencies (and relaying the information to those around him) but he was also studying the construction components and architectural engineering. Dave decided it was time to actually put his ‘talent’ to good use and what better way than sharing his insights with home buyers during the purchase process.


Dave has experience in managing commercial construction projects and, additionally, he was a licensed realtor in the Phoenix southeast valley for six years. It is this background which provides Dave with a unique perspective in regard to home inspections and the presentation of findings.


When not providing comprehensive home inspections, Dave can be found researching the most current construction information and modern technologies.

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